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Customer Story - Bearing Inspection

Oct 21, 2022
Bearing manufacturing requires extremely strict process, so the finished or semi-finished bearings are tested to understand the specific data, test the relevant parameters, and through the comparison of data parameters, fine-tune and improve the bearing processing process, so as to achieve the purpose of producing high-quality qualified bearings.

In our factory production of each bearing, factory packaging will be carried out before the strict product testing. In addition to our factory's own quality assurance testing department, we also support our customers to choose professional third-party testing organizations to inspect our products.

On the 12th of October 2022, we received a request from our customer in the Middle East. Our customer appointed a third-party inspection company (CCIC SHANGHAI) to our company for inspecting 6 pcs of slewing bearings.

When inspector arrived at our factory, the slewing bearings were ready for inspection:
1.Visual inspection
Visual inspection was carried out for the bearings by inspector. No crack, pit, burns and other visible defects found. The marking ”CHG+ bearing number+ serial number” on the product was clearly, the result was acceptable.
2.Dimension inspection
The key dimensions for the slewing bearing was performed by inspector. The result was acceptable as the confirmed drawing.
Remarks: Key dimensions are as follows:
 (Inner diameter, Outer diameter, Assembly height, Hole size, Wall thickness difference of slewing bearing, Chord length,  End surface runout, Clearance and etc.)
3.Hardess inspection
The hardness of inner ring and outer ring were tested and the result was acceptable according to customer requirements

The outer diameter of this slewing bearing is about 2300mm, the inner diameter is about 2100mm, and the height is about 80mm. It was very difficult to process because of the wall is very thin. Therefore, we strictly controlled forging, turning, heat treatment, hole processing, grinding, and etc. Finally all dimensions were qualified and we have won the appreciation from customer.

CHG has always provided our customers with the best expertise and the best service. Every step is done with care.
We hope that in the future CHG will be able to work hand in hand with customers in more countries around the world to provide the most professional and best quality bearings to our customers.
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