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Normal questions on 718 series Angular contact ball bearing of Cages

Oct 25, 2022
Regarding customer’s questions:Which are the limits of bakelite/nylon cages? What is the TVH cage?

Since,Cages (ie, bearing cages, also called bearing retainers) refer to bearing parts that partially cover all or part of the rolling elements and move with them to isolate the rolling elements, and generally guide the rolling elements and hold them in bearings Inside.
Presently, CHG produces bearings with cages types as follows:

1)TVH cage,was Nylon cages here we called Polyamide (nylon 66) cage:

TVH cage: solid cage (injection molding method), Material: polyamide (nylon 66);
Advantages: polyamide nylon material has the advantages of large elasticity and light weight. This cage has very good sliding and self-lubricating properties. It is especially suitable for situations with vibration impact stress or high acceleration and deceleration or when the inner and outer rings of the bearing incline to each other.
(1) Polyamide nylon cages may be affected by special lubrication (corrosive additives in lubricants)
(2) It cannot be used in vacuum, because it will become brittle due to dehydration;
Working temperature: when the working temperature is lower than 120 ° C and higher than - 40 ° C, the nylon will lose its elasticity if the temperature is too low.

2)Bakelite cage:

Bakelite cage are used primarily for angular contact ball bearings. These cages are composed of machined, cotton fabric impregnated with phenolic resin. The light weight construction of the phenolic cage makes it ideal for high speed applicatons.
It has the advantages of large elasticity and light weight, and has very good sliding and self-lubricating properties. The speed is high, especially suitable for situations with vibration impact force or high acceleration and deceleration or when the inner and outer rings of the bearing incline to each other.
Limits: poor ability to withstand impact load,should not be used in temperatures in excess of 225˚F (107˚C).

3) PEEK cages:

Peek cages:Strong, stiff plastic with outstanding chemical resistance; performs over a wide range of temps,PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a high-performance engineering plastic with outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals, and excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability. It offers hydrolysis resistance to steam, water, and sea water. PEEK has the ability to maintain stiffness at high temperatures and is suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 338oF (170oC). This engineering plastic has a proven track record in challenging environments such as aerospace, oil and gas, food and beverage processing, and semiconductor,a little costly.

4)Brass cages:

Machined Bronze Machined bronze cages are used for heavy duty applications and larger size bearings. Machined bronze cages can be used at operating temperatures up to 450˚F (232˚C). They are not affected by the mineral or synthetic oil based lubricants normally used for rolling bearings not by the organic solvents used to clean bearings. They are very resistant to corrosive attack. When Brass Cages Pressed brass cages are used for some small and medium-sized bearings, but most brass cages are machined from cast or wrought material. When Brass cage be used at temperatures in excess of 450˚F (232˚C), they are unaffected by most of the commonly used bearing lubricants, including synthetic oils and greases, and can be cleaned using normal organic solvents. Brass cages cannot be used above 300 °C, not for ammonia (e.g. cooling), as ammonia can cause seasonal breakage of brass.

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