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618 Bearings for High Speed tubular strander &stranding Machine

Jun 10, 2020

From the beginning of designing and developing strander bearings, Our company took achieving imported bearings performance as our goal . After development of more than a decadewe have developed bearings 61868, 61880, 61892, 61896, 618/530, 618/630, 618/750, 618/850, 618/980, which have gained high recognition and good reputation among our customers. At present, the strander bearing in our company has formed our own features: high speed, high precision, long service life, low vibration and low noise.

The production and processing accuracy all reach P5 standard (P4 standard if required) after the bearing is integrally designed and cage is weight lightened.The revolving speed has reached or even exceeded the same type of imported bearing. For example: the designed limit speed of 61868P53 is 2400r/min,the actual stable revolving speed in production can reach 2000r/min; design revolving speed of 618/630P53 can reach 1100r/min, the actual stable revolving speed in production can reach 900r/min. And Under full load, the bearings service life is about 5 years. (Note: The above revolving speed or using life is under the condition of oil lubrication.)

For example 1, In 2002, Spain company FLYMCA imported a tubular strander with bearing type 618/1000P53 installed from SKET Company in Germany,whose design conditions requested: equivalent load is lower than 50KN, rotating speed is 500r/min and should be circularly lubricated by 100 # Gear Oil .after research,Our technology department staff recommended to replace 618/1000 with N18/1000, and reduce the rated dynamic load by decreasing half quantity of rolling elements, to satisfy the high speed thus the rolling element are prevented from sliding heat.After final trial of N18/1000,the noise decreased to 82dB from the previous 90 dB. FLAMGA was very satisfied. Germany company SKET decided to use bearing N18/1000 on cross-ocean cable Tubular strander after getting the feedback.

For example 2, In 2012, Jiangyin Hongsheng provided Xianyang Diamond strander by using our Company produced618/980 bearing. Under the condition of 500r/min of the cylinder body, the noise was below 82 dBHowever,by comparing the noise of strander with the same specifications bearings produced by other famous domestic factory,they exceeded 90 dB.

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