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Jun 10, 2020




                   Thin-Section Bearings


CHG products include 7 opened series and 5 sealed series of thin-section bearings with the inner diameter range from 1.000" to 40.000" and the sectional dimension range from 0.1875" × 0.1875" to 1.000" × 1.000" and 3 main types (A, C, X) of opened bearings and sealed bearings.

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Crossed roller bearings


Crossed cylindrical roller bearing is one kind of bearing whose rollers are square crossing arranged between outer ring and inner ring. The rollers contact the raceway in linearity, so this bearing has better rigidity and less elastic strain. At the same time, this bearing can carry radial load, axial load and moment load simultaneously. They are especially suitable for high rigidity and high running accuracy applications.


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Precision Bearings


The light series precision ball bearings produced by CHG can be divided into 4 series: 618 series、718 series、719series. With the inner diameter range from 100mm to 950mm, and the precision is divided into P6, P5, P4 and P2. The use of thin-section bearings can save the space, lower the weight, reduce significantly the friction, and provide the good rotation accuracy. Without affecting the performances and service lives of bearings,their use can reduce the external dimensions of the device and cut the production costs effectively. 


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