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How to pack up various bearings in CHG factory before shipment?

Oct 07, 2022
Bearings, unlike other industrial products, technically are more applied into use as equipment parts, thus protecting the working surface of bearings and ensuring them to be applied into use without damage or deformation during transportation becomes very important.

As we know, for many of our foreign customers, concerning the long-term transportation period on boat, to protect products from dents, damages, pollution, and scratches by fine packages, many details need to be considered, so how to pack up various bearings in CHG factory before shipment?

First, as for high-end ultra-slim thin section bearings, vacuum packaging is commonly adopted by factories. Ultra-slim bearings normally are applied in very expensive and high-precision equipment such as radar system, vacuum coater, encoder, medical device, robotic joints and photovoltaic pods and etc., requirement on their precision and stable quality are comparatively high, how to protect the finished products is very critical. Except of vacuum bag, CHG factory customizes appropriate paper boxes for the slim bearings as well, each of the bearing will be packed up into a special paper box with fitted size after vacuum packaging, and every paper box will be numbered, marked then stacked up neatly into a special thick wood box for exportation use only. And normally, extra space left in the wood box will be filled with pearl cotton to avoid the damage caused by shaking.

Second, as for casting and rolling mill bearings such as four row cylindrical/tapered roller bearings, they are normally very heavy, which means they will be more fragile once overturning, their own weight will intensify the damage. While the problem is they will still look perfect from the appearance after it gets damaged, because most failures of bearings are caused by the rolling element inside the bearings, those rollers or balls might get squeezed or hit or deformed which is very difficult to verify. While I’m not saying that the reason of inferior rolling elements is caused by packaging only or mainly, but packaging definitely plays a tiny but important role in quality control. Considering all possible factors, CHG enhanced its packaging quality by adopting the thicker blue belt, better anti-oil transparent film, and thicker anti-oil paper to wrap up the bearings. In order to reduce friction and collision between the bearings and thick wood box, pearl cotton and paper will be padded in the wood box, and anti-collision wooden strips will be installed in the bottom of the wood box to firm the bearings when multiple bearings are placed into one wood box.

Third, as for slewing bearings, we know that slewing ring bearings sometimes can reach to a diameter over 3 meters, years ago, we’ve been trying to use some old packaging methods such as wrapping the slewing rings by wood only while keeping its middle part hollow, yet in practice, we find that this packaging way is unstable and fragile, and easy to get broken when bearing some external forces. Thus, nowadays, after trials, we’ve decided on packaging the slew ring bearings in square wood boxes, and due to slew rings’ extremely heavy weight, the wood box will be designed and customized according to bearings’ actual size and left almost no extra room for bearings to move, and at the middle part of the rings, several wood strips will be placed in to help firm the bearings.

Forth, as for wind power bearing rollers, since CHG factory now mainly manufacture high-end roller with G1 class precision level, each roller is of high added value, to protect these bearing rollers from damage during transportation, CHG factory adopts one-piece molded pearl cotton with fitted holes, and places one bearing roller into one hole. The soft pearl cotton, from depth and width, perfectly fitted with the length, width and height of the wooden box, reduces the possibility of friction and collision to the utmost.

Now you may understand how CHG factory packs up your bearings before shipment. Click here for more packaging video.

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