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Production Safety Management in CHG

Sep 30, 2022

Production safety means a lot to every factory. While when it comes to safety, most people can only imagine the safety of a worker on site. Today, let us show you around how CHG bearing factory understands and ensures its safety.




<1> Safety of every worker is a top also the most basic thing in every CHG workshop



Protective goggles, various operating gloves, masks, foot covers, Safety warning signs and safety caps are adopted by every workshop in CHG factory.



For people who need to work at height on the crane, safety caps are the basic regulation that no one shall break.



For people who need to operate the turning/grinding machinery under the fire sparking environment, protective goggles can protect them from eye damage.



For people who works on the cleaning and packaging lines, special gloves, masks, special industrial shoes and foot covers need to be adopted.




<2> Safety warning signs and operating instruction marks everywhere in CHG workshops




A factory with rich experience and long history has its own unbreakable processing procedures flow without any exception, and every processing procedure has to be acted strictly in accordance with operation instruction of each equipment.  




Except of well-trained workers, every workshop has its distinctive rules about safety, every device or equipment has to be put on the operating instruction marks and safety warning signs.




<3> CHG safety inspection team established at the end of 2021



  CHGs CEO Mr.Jiao came up with an idea of building up a safety inspection team to inspect inappropriate behavior adopted by operating workers and examine the hidden dangers on site, every week, spot checks time to time, which has greatly enhanced every workers sense of safety in factory.




<4> Why is safety important in a factory?



First, safety in the manufacturing process can greatly prevent or minimize the risk of worksite injuries, related illnesses and even death. In another word, paying enough attention on safety can help protect workers and reduce unnecessary loss.




Second, safety in manufacturing process also means correct operations in accordance with instructions, that will eventually affects the production efficiency and cost per input.


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