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A Type-Thin section angular contact ball bearings

Apr 30, 2024
Compared with C-type bearing, A-type angular contact ball bearing has an enough radial clearance to form a sufficient contact angle to carry the axial load. The contact angle for the standard bearing is 30°.

A notable feature of A-type bearing ring is its assembling method. There is a slope at the rib of either of the bearing ring, usually of the outer ring. With the temperature differences on inner and outer ring, the inner and outer ring, balls and the cage can be assembled together to form a non-separable bearing. The bearing can carry the axial load, as well as a greater radical load. Under a certain axial load, the inner and outer rings of bearing can be preload for adjusting.

Compared with C-type bearing, more balls can be installed into A-type bearing, with this assembly method and a larger contact angle can be formed, to obtain a greater axial load carrying capacity.

Due to its bearing capacity in one direction, the bearing should be installed symmetrically in pairs with other bearing, to set and ensure the contact angle and the smallest axial movement under an alternating axial load.

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Type A - Thin Section Angular Contact Ball Bearings | CHG Bearing (

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