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CHG Bearing:The lifespan of bearings

Mar 28, 2024
The bearing life refers to the number of revolutions or hours experienced by the bearing before the occurrence of pitting under a certain load. The life of rolling bearings is usually defined by the number of revolutions or the number of hours worked at a certain speed. During this lifespan, no initial fatigue damage (such as spalling or defects) should occur on any bearing ring or rolling element.

However, even under the same working conditions, bearings with similar appearances may have significantly different actual lifespans. This is because the lifespan of a bearing is not only related to fatigue damage but also influenced by various other factors such as wear, corrosion, and seal damage. These factors can lead to differences between the "working life" and the theoretical life of the bearing.

To determine the standard for bearing life, it is often linked to reliability. Statistical lifespan can be used to describe the range of bearing lifespan, with the longest relative lifespan potentially being 20 to 40 times longer than the shortest. Meanwhile, the rated lifespan of a bearing is defined as the number of revolutions or hours it can experience without developing pitting in 90% of cases.

The lifespan of a bearing is influenced by various factors, including but not limited to contamination, overload, misalignment, improper installation, corrosion, inadequate maintenance, fatigue, and material quality. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider these factors during the design, manufacturing, installation, and use of bearings to extend their lifespan and improve the reliability of the equipment.

To extend the bearing lifespan, several effective methods can be adopted. For example, improving the bearing lifespan through lubrication ensures the existence of a lubricating oil film to provide necessary protection and reduce wear. During the installation and adjustment of bearings, it is crucial to follow the equipment manufacturer's manual to avoid early damage and shortened lifespan. Regular maintenance of bearings and prompt handling of potential issues can also effectively extend their lifespan.

Overall, bearing lifespan is a complex concept influenced by multiple factors. To ensure the normal operation and extended lifespan of bearings, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors and take appropriate measures for prevention and maintenance.

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