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Lubrication and Maintenance of Thin-section Bearing

Jul 06, 2020
 Lubrication plays a role of lowering friction and wear among moving elements, heat radiation and corrosion protection on critical surface.The most common three types of lubrication methods are oil lubrication, grease lubrication and dry film lubrication and surface treatment.
Oil lubrication is typically more complete. Heat radiation is more effective after adopting recycling and cooling measures because the lubrication is liquid which covers the critical surface better and promotes the heat radiation. It is appointed to select oil lubrication whose heat effect is more obvious in high speed application. Oil lubrication can typically provide lower friction value when the lowest friction torque is required.
Grease lubrication has its own advantages. It is easier to design and seal the bearing room because the grease is easy to keep. The bearing itself can be prevented from contamination when adopting labyrinth packing or small clearance between the rotation structure and static structure.Groove structure grease is often selected when high speed rotation is adopted within the permissible range of the grease.
Dry film lubrication or surface treatment as the lubrication is adopted under extreme environment especially when regular grease can not bear or exist. 
A wide range of lubrication such as tungsten dioxide, graphite and molybdenum dioxide can be selected.
It should be mentioned that the amount of lubrication is very important for bearing performance under specific working condition. Only a small amount of lubrication is essential to lower the friction and wear if lubricatrion film is kept on all contact surfaces. Excessive oil or grease will lead to higher working temperature which will lead to early bearing failure.
Lubrication oil can be used to prevent corrosion when the bearing without seal is reserved. It is suggested to clean protction oil with clean skellysolve before lubrication. Ensure that the protection oil and lubricant should accommodate each other if the lubricant is not removed.
Sealed bearing is with one third of versatile industrial grease. When they are firstly packed and reserved the outer surface should be greased the same amount of a few grease for protection.
To realize full potential of the bearing it is suggested to maintain the operation and ensure full protection to prevent the bearing from any contamination.Ensure suffient amount of lubricant and grease and change them frequently enough.
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