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The application industry of spherical roller bearings

Feb 17, 2022
 1. Wind power industry: 

Due to the complex operating conditions of wind turbines, the maintenance cost of the main engine is high, ensuring the reliability of its operation, that is, the service life of wind turbines is the main factor. Huigong is specially designed to improve reliability and performance. of spherical roller bearings, which have made great achievements in helping customers to extend the uptime of equipment.

2. Motor industry: 

understand the requirements of bearings in the motor industry for low noise, quiet operation, long life, high quality, energy saving, low friction and space saving. Huigong bearings use high-purity materials to make the bearings have excellent strength and durability; The unique heat treatment process better controls the hardness, toughness and dimensional stability of the bearing; the optimized internal geometry reduces friction, wear and heat generation, while allowing the bearing to withstand large axial and radial loads. 

3. Textile machinery and steel industry: 

The textile and steel industry has harsh working conditions, temperature and speed limits. Heavy and continuous shock loads. Grinding dust, aggressive chemicals and high humidity. The large spherical roller bearing can make the rolling bearing not only support a large weight, but also bear a high impact load; the rotating arm on the ladle slewing support equipment in the continuous casting production line is supported by the large rolling bearing, and the thrust is self-aligning. Roller bearings support the ladle, while cylindrical roller bearings are used to absorb overturning moments.


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