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Thin section bearings supplier

Jun 11, 2020
 Along with the technological development, more and more applications are looking for the compact design to save space. Thin-section bearings are made to fulfill this requirement, with the features of saving space, light weight, low friction and high running accuracy. Thin-section bearings are widely used in many fields which like medical devices, robotics, camera and electric scooters etc.

Introduction to Thin-section Bearings

Thin-section bearings are also known as slim bearings. The cross-section dimension is independent of bore diameter; therefore, thin-section bearings are also called uniform-section thin bearings. 

Benefits of Thin-section Bearings

The size and weight are the big advantages that thin-section bearings bring to the applications with space limitations and lightweight preference. It characterizes with space saving and lightweight, enables customers to downsize their design and reduce manufacturing costs without sacrificing bearing performance or service life.

Types of Thin-section Bearings




Thin-section Radial Contact Ball Bearings

C type

to support mainly radial loads

Thin-section Angular Contact Ball Bearings

A type

to support higher thrust and axial loads, and generally used in pairs

Thin-section Four-point Contact Ball Bearings

X type

to support axial, radial and thrust loads, and like the back-to-back arrangement of paired Thin-section Angular Contact Ball Bearings


In addition to the types, there are other factors that can customized to meet customers’ requirements, such as dimensions, seals, materials, precision grade, coatings, etc.

Applications of Thin-section Bearings

· Robotics

· Car Racing

· Automobile Industry

· Medical

· Paper Industry

· Camera

· Food processing

· Machinery Industry

· Machine Tools/Motors

· Optical Equipment, etc.

What We Offer:

As a professional bearing manufacturer and supplier, we are able to produce and supply thin-section bearings with bore diameter starting from 1” and cross section ranging from 3/16 × 3/16 to 1” × 1”.

· Open/Without Seals (preferred when the bearings will not be exposed to the severely polluted environment)

· Sealed/With Seals (preferred when the bearings will not be exposed to the severely polluted environment)

Type C - Thin Section Radial Contact Ball Bearings

Type A - Thin Section Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Type X - Thin Section Four Point Contact Ball Bearings

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you would like to place the order of thin-section bearings. We can make standard, non-standard and customized bearings based on the customers’ needs. 

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