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Characteristics and application of deep groove ball bearings

Jul 07, 2022

Basic parameters and Characteristics of deep groove ball bearings

1.The basic deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls, and a set of cages. They mainly carry radial loads, but also can carry combined loads as same as angular contact ball bearings when the radial clearance increases. When at high speeds but thrust ball bearings are not suitable, deep groove ball bearings can accommodate pure axial loads. 
2.Comparing with other bearings, deep groove ball bearings have lower friction coefficient and higher limiting speed, but it is not resistant to impact and is not suitable for heavy loads.
3. After being mounted on the shaft, the deep groove ball bearing is able to limit axial displacement of shaft or housing in the range of axial clearance, therefore, it can be as axial locating in two directions. 
4.The deep groove ball bearing have certain aligning ability. When the slant angle is 2' ~ 10' relative to housing, it can still work normally, but bearing life would be reduced.
5.The deep groove ball bearing has simple structure and is easy to achieve higher precision compared with other bearings, so it can be produced in batch.
Structure of deep groove ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearings are available in both single row and double row designs. Single row ball bearings are the most popular of all rolling bearings. Single row deep groove ball bearing type code is 6, double row deep groove ball bearing code is 4. In addition to the primary model, deep groove ball bearings have various modified structures,such as deep groove ball bearings with dust cover, deep groove ball bearings with rubber seals, deep groove ball bearings with retaining grooves and so on.

characteristics and applications of deep groove ball bearings

Common applications of deep groove ball bearings

Industrial Applications
One of the most common places to find deep groove ball bearings is within an electric motor. Deep groove ball bearings are used in a wide variety of different industrial machines, including automotive, tractors, gearboxes, industrial instruments, motors, water pumps, internal combustion engines, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, and engineering machinery, etc.
Home Appliances
Deep groove ball bearings are used in air conditioners, floor polishers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, vacuums, and many other appliances that are important in everyone’s daily lives. These appliances require bearings that facilitate running with little noise and vibration and a long service life. The characteristics of deep groove ball bearings are suitable for this requirement.
Where to Find the Best Deep Groove Ball Bearings?
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