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Simple ways to identify the quality of bearings

Jul 21, 2022
1. Whether there are cracks
Bearings in the production and manufacture of multiple processes, and bearing processing needs to be transferred multiple times, in these processes will occur bearing rupture. Cracked bearings have a short service life and have a significant impact on work safety. The regular bearings will conduct 100% magnetic or radiographic inspection of the bearing components before leaving the factory.
2. Whether there is a noise when turning
Most of the counterfeit and inferior bearing products production environment is harsh, the production process and production conditions are very backward.During the production process, impurities such as dust and gravel are usually mixed into the bearing body. Once misused in the machinery, these inferior bearings in the rotation process will appear noise or rotation is not smooth phenomenon. The regular bearing is silent when rotating, and the rotation process is very smooth, and there is no obstacle. Therefore, if you buy a bearing offline, it is best to hold the bearing with your left hand, repeatedly dial the outside of the bearing with your right hand to rotate it, and listen carefully to whether there is noise during the rotation of the bearing.
3. Whether the surface is smooth
Bearing grinding is very important. It is necessary to select a suitable grinding wheel to complete the grinding, and strictly control the linear speed to avoid raceway burns. Then for fine grinding, it is necessary to choose a resin grinding wheel with a particle size of 46° or 60° for grinding. The grinding amount cannot exceed the rough grinding process, and the finish must meet the requirements of the specified grade. However, some fake and inferior bearings lack professional equipment in the production, so the surface of the bearing is uneven or scratched.

4. Whether there are turbid oil stains on the surface
Bearing as a hardware product, in order to ensure that it can maintain good performance during use, usually the bearing manufacturers will be anti-rust treatment of the bearing. However, due to the technical gap of various bearing manufacturers, the anti-rust technology of some bearing manufacturers is not advanced, and it is easy to leave thick oil traces when the bearing is treated with anti-rust, which feels sticky and inconvenient to clean. The bearing materials of our CHG are mostly bearing steel and ceramics, and bearing steel bearings can be optionally covered with stainless steel, rubber, metal and other protective layers that are not easy to rust. Bearings with protective layer have no odor, no oil stains, no dirt, and are more assured to use.
5. Whether the steel stamp is clear
Each bearing product produced from a regular manufacturer, the surface will be engraved with its brand words, labels and other information, although the handwriting is small, but are printed by the steel printing technology, and before the heat treatment has been pressed, each word dent is extremely deep, the handwriting is clear. The counterfeit and inferior bearing products, not only the handwriting is blurred, but also floats on the surface, can be easily erased, the printing technology is very rough, and the manual traces are very serious.
The above are some simple ways to identify the quality of bearings to share. Hope these simple ways can be helpful when you buy bearings. Of course, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, you are welcome to buy the best quality bearings directly from CHG.
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